ASEAN Affinity: People, Prosperity, Preservation

วันที่เริ่มกิจกรรม : 27/07/2015
วันสิ้นสุดกิจกรรม : 27/07/2015
สถานที่จัดกิจกรรม : The College of ASEAN Community Studies, Naresuan University, Phtisanulok, Thailand
ผู้จัด / Organizer : College of ASEAN Community Studies, Naresuan University, Phtisanulok, Thailand

Program for International Conference 
Title: ASEAN Affinity: People, Prosperity, Preservation
Date: July 27, 2015
Venue: College of ASEAN Community Studies, Naresuan University, Thailand


The ethos of “One Vision, One Identity, One Community” adopted at the 11th ASEAN Summit in 2005, has become the cornerstone for ASEAN countries’ everlasting commitment towards the interest of the region. ASEAN’s December 2015 transition into ASEAN Community will become the watershed of ASEAN states to move forward into full collaboration among them. This includes ASEAN Economic Community, ASEAN Political-Security Community, and ASEAN Social-Cultural Community. While the ASEAN Economic Community pillar overshadows the other two pillars, all three are crucial for realizing growing connectivity within the Southeast Asian region. The premise of “One Community” is the manifestation of ASEAN’s upsurge in collective identity-consciousness based upon culture, religion, politics and economics.
ASEAN’s singular vision will inevitably enhance and accentuate the dynamics of the ASEAN countries in a way that might generate positive as well as negative consequences for the Southeast Asian region. Within ASEAN today, there is unprecedented economic growth; greater access to health care and education; and in some cases more stable and pluralistic governance. However, there are challenges as well, including economic disparities; persistent underdevelopment; marginalized peoples (e.g. migrants); environmental challenges; newly emerging health issues; gender issues; border disputes; and democratic erosion.
It is with this duality of impacts—positive versus negative—that Naresuan University’s College of ASEAN Community Studies (CACS) will convene an international conference on July 27, 2015, within the parameters of the larger ASEAN Exposition (July 26-29). The holding of the ASEAN EXPO marks part of the 25th Anniversary of the founding of Naresuan University in Phitsanulok, Thailand. Phitsanulok stands at the nexus of the intersection of the North-South as well as the East-West Corridors of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region, which geographically overlaps part of ASEAN.
The activities of this multi-disciplinary conference will be divided into different issue-areas which represent opportunities and challenges facing ASEAN. The various disciplines participating include political science, sociology, economics, anthropology, fine arts, international business, geography and history. These activities will be grouped into several parallel panels that will take place across the day—July 27. Conference proceedings will be recorded in a book of abstracts.
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